Klekotki Sento Spa – hotel na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – spa na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – weekend spa Mazury
Klekotki Sento Spa – hotel na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – spa na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – weekend spa Mazury


Rituals for her

"Secret of Kunoichi"

In old Japan there were some women of a very surprising nature. They were called „Kunoichi” and could act as spies, detectives or even secret security agents.

They were extraordinarily effective and owed that to their versatile preparation, thanks to which they could become any woman character.


They owed their versatility to training which, in addition to a rich set of "women's tricks", involved also physical training because they had to be equally fit as men in their profession. Intensive physical training and care for the body gave the Kunoichi, in addition to fitness, a magnificent figure and a flexible body.

Out of inspirations by old Japanese "agents" a ritual called "the Secret of Kunoichi" was created and focuses on intensive and modelling techniques thanks to which this procedure helps to gain the perfect figure and supple body.

  • Ofuro
  • rice peeling
  • massage with bamboo brooms
  • rejuvenating face massage
  • relaxation with a cup of tea

"Look of Geisha"

Since long ago, also beyond Japan, Geishas embody extraordinary beauty, subtleness, and seductive charm. They are mysterious beauties, fluent in many fields of art, poetry and philosophy.

There are numerous extraordinary stories about them. The look of Geishas, for instance, is said to have magnetic, almost magical, seductive power.


Geishas owed their unusual charm to their exceptional care for their beauty through their diet, following the rhythms of the day, cosmetic procedures and special rituals.

Among their efforts to remain beautiful exceptional rituals took a very special place – cleansing rituals that made both their skin and eyes illuminate delicate brightness.

The reason for performing these procedures was a conviction that eyes reflect the person's health condition hence the conclusion that cleansing your body gives bright and beautiful look.

To honour old Japanese beauties "Look of Geisha" ritual was prepared. This procedure focuses on cleansing and rejuvenating your body and, at the same time, ensures soft and bright skin as well as "strengthens the power of a woman's look."

  • Furako warming
  • salt and honey peeling
  • massage with nourishing balm
  • samurai massage with bamboo brooms
  • foot massage
  • relaxation with a cup of tea

"Secret of Benzaiten"

Many of Japanese gods originated from China and India. A similar case is with Japanese goddess Benzaiten, sometimes called Benten. She belongs to Seven Gods of Happiness and just like Greek Aphrodite is sometimes believed to be the daughter of the Japanese god of the seas.


Gentle Benzaiten is the patron of beauty, wealth, music, poetry and those in love as well as lonely women and those who seek a way out of a difficult situation. As the patron of beauty, art, music and good manners she embodies true, sophisticated femininity, bestowing numerous talents, beauty and prosperity onto her believers.

Therefore, Benzaiten, the symbol of gentleness and natural beauty gave her name to this exceptional ritual allowing you, through deep relaxation, to achieve balance and inner harmony. "Secret of Benzaiten" is a ritual which thanks to the calmness of spirit emanating from it enables you to find and develop the deepest reserves of true femininity, harmonizing with characteristics of Benzaiten – gentleness, grace and charm.

  • Ofuro
  • cherry peeling
  • herbal stamp massage
  • foot massage
  • head massage
  • face and neck massage
  • Furako warming
  • relaxation with a cup of tea

Ritual for Pregnant Women "Touch of Kannon"

One of the most popular and liked gods in Japan is Buddhist goddess "Kanno bosatsu", also called Kannon. She is a Japanese equivalent of Avalokiteśvara – a Hindu embodiment of Buddha's compassion.

In Japan Kannon is worshipped in her feminine form, as a goddess compassion and mercy. In the Country of the Cherry Blossom she enjoys extraordinary fame – she represents the perfect beauty at the same time having the power of bestowing magnificent offspring onto women.

Kannon represents all those women's characteristics that are commonly associated with caring and devoted mother – unconditional love, tenderness and compassion.

For Pregnant Ladies Klekotki Sento Spa offers this exceptional ritual – "Touch of Kannon". This procedure, holding the care and tenderness of goddess Kannon up as a model, is to give the weary and tired future moms the time only for themselves and caring, soothing touch as well as a vast portion of well-earned relaxation.

  • Furako or ofuro warming
  • delicate cherry or honey peeling
  • delicate massage with nourishing balm
  • relaxing face and neck massage
  • relaxation with a cup of fruit tea

Rituals of Couples in Love "Love In –Yo”

In Japan, stemming from the Chinese philosophy, one doctrine became very popular – a doctrine of great oneness Tao based on co-existence of two opposites Yin and Yang.

In the Country of the Cherry Blossom this pair of the opposites is called „In Yō” and represents the eternal, ostensibly contradictory, ideas and phenomena such as light and shade, warmth and cold or even masculinity and femininity.

Totally opposite to the western, polarised view of the world, the Japanese believe that to achieve happiness one must strive for true harmony, which lies in the dynamic balance and cooperation of two apparent opposites, which only when joined together, form a true unity.

With this exceptional philosophical thought in mind Klekotki Sento Spa offers a unique ritual for couples in love, which, through awakening and balancing of apparently opposite masculine and feminine aspects leads to emotional balance, helping to find harmony in the relationship and a new, deeper field for understanding between two people.

  • tea
  • soap peeling (for two)
  • Ofuro for her / Mushiburo for him
  • 2 cocktails
  • hot stone massage (for her) and cold stone massage (for him)
  • relaxing body balm for two
  • Amma massage
  • snack – wine/champagne as you prefer
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