Klekotki Sento Spa – hotel na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – spa na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – weekend spa Mazury
Klekotki Sento Spa – hotel na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – spa na Mazurach Klekotki Sento Spa – weekend spa Mazury


Rituals for him

"Tests of Yakuza"

Since very old days, in parallel to the Samurai, there was another structure of power, though darker and illegal – those were large and organized groups called "Yakuza"


The Yakuza were actually a complete opposite of the Samurai and their principles. They most valued their peculiar code of honour and effective actions and achieving goals. In addition to their desire for more power and influence, the Yakuza did not follow any special philosophy, which they would have considered an obstacle anyway.

Therefore, unlike the Samurai, the Yakuza were keen on rather more real and down-to-earth entertainments and metaphysical considerations were alien to them. As tough realists they simply did not waste time on them.

Today the number of the Yakuza is gradually dropping, though many of them took up more official businesses and turned out to be energetic and successful businessmen.

Referring to their tradition a ritual was developed on the basis of efficiency and more intensive procedures allowing effective and quick release of stress, deep relaxation and loosening of tension growing larger and larger in your body with time.

  • Herbal Ofuro
  • massage with nourishing balm
  • samurai massage with bamboo brooms
  • Furako
  • relaxation with a cup of tea

„Pilgrimage of Ronin”

In feudal Japan the social structure and various occupations was set very strictly. Changing your status and your fate was virtually impossible. Ronins were exceptions – they were the Samurai who lost their lord or… "dismissed" themselves from service.


Despised by the Samurai, ignored by officials, frequently hired for protection by lower classes, Ronins led lives, often by choice, of outcasts and renegades. Being longer the Samurai, they were no longer bound by the principles of the Bushido Code and were able to create their own principles, which gave them freedom and allowed shaping their own fate.

The positions Ronins held outside the official social hierarchy forced a lifestyle of continuous travel from one place to another. For Ronins Those journeys became the source of many experiences and frequently new views.

That let them make a sort of pilgrimage to their inner lives, which helped them discover new features that they could not develop under the heavy burden of the Samurai code.

During long trips Ronin became a new man with a chance for a completely new life.

Inspired by the lives of brave and persistent Ronins a ritual was created to reflect the journey towards your inner self, allowing reflection, rebirth, and awakening of latent vital strengths of your body.

  • salt and honey peeling
  • mushiburo fito barrel sauna
  • back massage
  • head massage
  • foot massage
  • furako warming
  • relaxation with a cup of tea

"Deep Breath of the Samurai"

The Samurai were the class of vassals and warriors. Their whole life was completely subjected to the military code of Bushido, which defined all their obligations and entire lifestyle.

Some of them came from the lower social strata, but most of them originated from the nobility. This is why the Samurai were commonly in love with poetry, art and philosophy, though it was also the way to handle violence constantly imprinted in their lives.


They often had contemplative nature and were occupied by metaphysical considerations and admiration of subtle beauty hidden in the simplicity of nature.

This is why the Samurai were so keen on relaxation and rest, which was very typical of them, based on mysticism and contemplation in the Zen spirit of Buddhism, leading to achievement of calm and relaxed mind.

Following the practices of the Samurai, this ritual focuses on relaxing and distressing procedures which allow you to stop the chase of thoughts and achieve inner harmony.

  • soap peeling
  • shiatsu massage
  • foot massage
  • furako warming
  • relaxation with a cup of tea

Ritual for couples in love - „Lovers' In –Yo”

In Japan, stemming from the Chinese philosophy, one doctrine became very popular – a doctrine of great oneness Tao based on co-existence of two opposites Yin and Yang.

In the Country of the Cherry Blossom this pair of the opposites is called „In Yō” and represents the eternal, ostensibly contradictory, ideas and phenomena such as light and shade, warmth and cold or even masculinity and femininity.

Totally opposite to the western, polarised view of the world, the Japanese believe that to achieve happiness one must strive for true harmony, which lies in the dynamic balance and cooperation of two apparent opposites, which only when joined together, form a true unity.

With this exceptional philosophical thought in mind a unique ritual for couples was developed – one that through awakening and balancing of apparently opposite masculine and feminine aspects leads to emotional balance, helping to find harmony in the relationship and a new, deeper field for understanding between two people.

  • Ofuro for Her
  • Mushiburo for Him
  • rice peeling for Two
  • massage with nourishing balm for Two
  • samurai massage with bamboo brooms for Two
  • head and neck massage for Him
  • face and neck massage for Her
  • relaxation with a glass of wine/ Champaign
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